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Travel Blog URL

Today is the day, now is the moment. I'm at Julia's to post this and then Brian and I are heading to Wilhoit to camp for a night before I stick my thumb out. Here is the url for the travel blog. I will no longer be updated this blog regularly.

A Living Experience

I'd like to thank everyone for helping with support, love, prayers, and guidance. 

Thank you, again, to my many sponsors:
Heather Kozan - camera
Brian Albing - assistance/monetary
RayRay - assistance running errands
Norsy & Family - monetary/supplies
Josh Griswald - monetary/supplies
Erika Martin - monetary
Justin Baker - supplies
Merideth Seppanen - monetary
Esther Groves - monetary/supplies
Mathew Patterson - monetary
Timothy Burke - monetary
Cynthia Hall - monetary
Josh Griswald - monetary
Joshua Wilson - supplies
Brenda Enders - monetary/supplies
Andi - for the sigils
Mom - for the heart necklace, your beauty, and your grace
Dad - for the medicine pouch
Thank you to Wheelz and Mat for taking my pets
and to all my friends - for encouragement, patience, and love

If anyone got left out of this list, please know it's not for lack of appreciation but for the hectic nature of the day as I try to get out of town.  Thank you, everyone!!!

Om namah Sivaya
Om Shakit Ma
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