AUM NAMAH SIVAYA (starlyn_monster) wrote,

Yoga In the Park

Last Yoga In the Park with Starlyn, before I go off to be a sadhu for a while...
Date: Wednesday, October 6th, 2010
Time: 6:00pm {BE THERE 15 MINUTES EARLY, no straglers please}
Location: Kiwanis Park, near the water. Follow the smell of nagchampa and the sound of the bell.
If you cannot make it to yoga there is a pot-luck at the same day/location at 8:15pm.
What to bring: water & yoga mat. Raw food or cooked vegetarian food for pot-luck later.
If you have an extra mat, please bring and share with others who may not have one.
What to expect:  breathing exercises, sanskrit invocation, gentle warm-up, vinyasa, extended svasana with guided meditation, and closing chants for well-being.
Who may come:  ALL are welcome to attend.  You too, Buddhist. 


Seven days until I leave the city.  Am seeking donations to prepare for a very minimalistic spiritual quest that will take me up into the Northwest. Thank you.

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