AUM NAMAH SIVAYA (starlyn_monster) wrote,

Writer's Block: Do you remember?

What is your earliest memory?

My earliest memory that I have is before birth, according to my perceptions of this memory. Though for a long time I've thought this was the moment of my soul coming into the body being hosted in my mother's womb, there may be other explanations. This state is best described as an irridescent-rainbow liquid. It wasn't liquid, this is just the only way I can express what it was like. Even though I was not seperate there is also the perception that within this I was round-shaped. Something told me that I must go. I saw glimpses of my life and did not wish to go for there was adversity and suffering. It was imperative that I go, however. So I did.

Perhaps this is not a memory? Perhaps I am not all sane to think I could remember such a time - particularly because my early childhood itself is a bit foggy. Yet this is the perception that I have - be it as it may.
Tags: writer's block
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