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Back From Purnima Fast

Back from the cave... waiting seven days to post details. It is good to sit with the experience for a while. Thank you to Matt and Esther for the donations.

Seeking donations to outfit myself for my journey as best I can. I have less than two weeks to outfit. Please friends, I'm going where it's cold and wet. I'll be sleeping outside and hitching rides. Have some resources to find places to stay and retreats to volunteer at but this is not going to be 100%. I'm a 105 lb. woman. Could really use the help. All donations are received with gratitude. And my last yoga class, as always, is open to anyone irregardless of payment. Will annouce that soon.

Thank you, again.

Heading On To the Cave

Back in town for a day before going on to the cave to fast. Peyote Way was beautiful as always. Annie is beautiful as ever. Met some really amazing people. The first time I visited Peyote Way, a single owl feather came to me one early morning. On this trip I gifted that feather to Annie. Within an hour or so a vulture feather came to me. No other bird could elate me so at this time!

Oh, great purifiers of the land, your medicine I cherish.
And when I fall, may the medicine of my form fuel your own pilgrimage!

Am giving up all I own to travel like a sadhu, modestly and in service as I go.
All donations are received with genuine gratitude and will be used to outfit me, modestly, for this sojourn. Thank you so much!

Begining the Drive

On my way out the door to the Peyote Way... want to get started on this now.

Please help me get what I need to travel. Please don't wait until my going away party, the sooner I'm outfitted, the better. Thank you so much!

Wish list:
ceramic knife (preferably with sheath)
mummy sack sleeping bag for cold weather
water-proof backpacker's pack
half-way decent digital camera

Purnima Fast

The elder who taught me isolation fasting, Immanuel Trujilllo, passed on June 24th. Am travelling to visit the Peyote Way Church tomorrow before going to the cave for my 10th quarterly cave-fast. I'll be in the cave from the 21st - 24th.

Apache Rock

Apache Rock is the phalic structure that also resembles a woman (notice the boob).... On the other side, where her front is, there is a cave shaped like a yoni. This is where I take my refuge.

Will update with more info on plans when I return.

Bless you, friends.


Friends, I'm taking a new direction.

I'm giving up my posessions, my pets, and my life in AZ as I know it.
I'm going to travel with next to nothing, by myself. No car, no cell phone, and very little money.

Soon I'll post with a request for donations. My goals are to be outfitted, modestly and compactly, for sleeping outdoors when I must. It would also be nice to have a small reserve in case of emergency.

I will be giving at least one park-yoga class before I go. As always, anyone is welcome to attend on a donation basis - and donations are NOT required. So if you want yoga with me before I go, please stay tuned. All are welcome to attend. I'll be posting my travel itinerary as well as the yoga session info in the next week or two.

~ Namaste ~

Ho'O Pono Pono

Peace be with you.  All my peace.
The peace that is I.
The peace that is I am.
The peace that is always.
Now and forever and evermore.


My peace I give to you.
My peace I leave with you.
Not the world's peace.
But only my peace.
The peace of I.
- from Hawaiian healing ceremony, Ho'O Pono Pono

Reflections On the Teachings

Who should I be angry with, oh mind...
he who weilds the stick
or the stick itself?

Why not anger at this body,
which decides to feel pain?

Why not anger at the self,
who showed up to engage in battle?

Why anger at all...
for this drama playing out
is but a dream floating on star dust.

New Vinyls & Such...

During my recent spring cleaning I realized that I had been holding onto some vinyl (records) for sentimental attachment... but the attachment had no true value.  When I consider how the music makes me feel today, well, it is either negative or just does not move me at all.   Ready to explore who I'm growing into, it was time to let go.  So I traded a bunch of old goth/industrial vinyl for some new-but-technically-older reggae vinyls. 

Bob Marley - "Sun Is Shining" original version:

Some other songs from my new vinyls:
1.)  Tenor Saw - Pumpkin Belly
2.)  King Tubby - Invasion
3.)  Israel Vibration - Licks & Kicks
4.)  Lee Perry - Little Flute Chant

Personally, I'm hanging in there.  A lot has been going on with me and I'm not even sure what to say about it all.  It would take forever to write out all my thoughts and I've become very averse to computers and technology so I'll just say that I'm ever devout to my spiritual path with yoga, meditation, chanting, and living as free as possible.  I hope this finds my friends well and that you are all finding many reasons to rejoice today.  Love and Light to you, friends.

the Words Of My Sister

My twin sister wrote this to me recently. What peacefulness I feel when I read them! May they do the same for you...

"Time is linear. The things you love that you are still looking for
can be heard calling you across the waves in this ocean of time.
Feel them as you listen. It is like a soft cool hand on your cheek
comforting you and reminding you that you are safe and loved.
It is a feeling that glows like a candle....

.... Love and Light on the wind "

- Andrea (vietnamwar )

Joyful Bhakti

Haven't updated in a long time... the cyber world is seeming less and less attractive these days and I find myself more interested in connecting with the world around me.

Here are some recent pics.

My life changed in December when I went to Eden hot springs...
My hair was not dyed a dark color here, it just had not been bathed in a while when this was taken:

I was going through a lot in December. Normally I go through some emotional turmoil in the cold months even under the best of circumstances. I had started to feel it pretty heavy - especially with the weight of so many changes and challenges during 2009. Julia took me to Eden and I did a lot of healing and praying. This is how I turned out near the end of my visit and it carried me through the cold, giving me the first joyful winter I've had in a long, long time.

And from March 2010:


This was taken soon after another healing visit to Eden in which some things catalyzed in me. I came home and suddenly found myself with four major changes:

sun gazing
eating different foods
sexual abstinence
dreading my hair

I am not abstaining from sex forever. I played the field a bit last year and needed to be free of obligations toward people for a while but did not necessarily want to give up intimacy. I'm feeling a bit more centered now and have been focusing my sexual energy (which I have a lot of) toward art work and meditation. My interest in intimacy now is in feeling supported and nurtured before opening myself up to someone on that level.

I just completed my 8th isolation fast since starting in June of '08. Details for friends after I've had some time to process it.