AUM NAMAH SIVAYA (starlyn_monster) wrote,

Three Day Left

Three days left after today to finish tying up loose ends, get my gear, and get outta here! Still seeking donations for a cold-weather mummy sack (type of sleeping bag). All donations are received with gratitude and the intention to use these resources to further my development in the effort to help others on the path. Thank you so much!

Thank you, gracious sponsors:
Erika Martin - monetary
Justin Baker - supplies
Merideth Seppanen - monetary
Esther Groves - monetary
Mathew Patterson - monetary
Timothy Burke - monetary
Cynthia Hall - monetary
Josh Griswald - monetary
Joshua Wilson - supplies
Brenda Enders - supplies
Andi - for the sigils
Mom - for the heart necklace, your beauty, and your grace
Dad - for the medicine pouch
Thank you to Wheelz and Mat for taking my pets
and to all my friends - for encouragement, patience, and love
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