AUM NAMAH SIVAYA (starlyn_monster) wrote,

Progress Update

Purchased necessary gear last night at REI...
10 liter dry-compression sack
20 liter dry-compression sack
water proof bivi sack for putting sleeping bag into
 (cost = $180) 

Thank you, gracious sponsors:
Justin Baker - supplies
Merideth Seppanen - monetary
Esther Groves - monetary
Mathew Patterson - monetary
Timothy Burke - monetary
Cynthia Hall - monetary
Josh Griswald - monetary
Joshua Wilson - supplies
Brenda Enders - supplies
Andi - for the sigils
Mom - for the heart necklace
Thank you to Wheelz and Mat for taking my pets
and to all my friends - for encouragement, patience, and love

The supplies from REI are necessary but ate up approximately 3/4s of my funds.  I have about $80 left to finish equipping myself and for emergencies, food, and sending post cards to my Mom.  All donations are received, gratefully and designated modestly toward higher priorities first.  Thank you so much. 

Coming Soon:
Mission Statement
Last Park Yoga Announcement
Itinerary Of Travel
Travel Blog URL

In devotion ~ Om namah Siva! 
Carry me where you will, God.
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